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I know without doubt, that our Third Age can be THE most satisfying stage of life but as with any transitional life stage it can feel completely overwhelming – so many possibilities and choices! 

It can be hard to move through this transition alone. But together? Together we can find real clarity, focus and direction to bring to this very special time of your life.

If you prefer personalised guidance, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions to help you shape your Third Age plan. I bring years of experience to the conversation and am there to support, cheer and champion you along the way and provide an extra essential ingredient that makes ALL the difference – accountability! 

Nothing, but NOTHING beats the transformative power of one to one coaching to help you proactively explore this wonderful opportunity and create a personally fulfilling, actionable plan to ensure you make the most of the best years of your life.

You can FEEL new opportunities beckoning...

… like you’re on the edge of an exciting new chapter.

  • So why does it feel SO hard to muster the energy and the enthusiasm to take this next step?
  • Why can’t you just embrace this new beginning with confidence and anticipation?
  • Why does it feels like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere?
  • Why do you feel so vulnerable when you think about making any real decisions about ‘what’s next’?

You're in a transition, that's why

And transitions are ALWAYS tricky to navigate. (If in any doubt, cast your mind back to adolescence!) It’s a territory I know well – both from professional AND personal experience.

Transitions may not be easy but they all serve a crucial purpose – they tell us it’s time to move on, to leave the old behind in order to prepare for something that we may not be able to even imagine yet.

While we’re going through the transition we experience the unsettling feeling of having left one identity without yet taking on another… no longer in the old, familiar place but not yet settled into the new place either… just hanging around feeling strangely disconnected in a limbo.  (Any of this sounding familiar?)

But what if, instead of hanging around feeling like this, you could get a little help from someone who knows this territory really well and can help you forge a positive new path into this next chapter of life?

What if you could turn this limbo into an ‘intentional space’ where you become clear about WHO you are, what’s important and what really MATTERS, so you find a new, authentic pathway to change.

Time to get intentional

You’ve waited long enough. You KNOW it’s time.

  • time to explore new possibilities
  • time to consciously create new opportunities for ‘what’s next’
  • time to finally listen to the ‘internal whispers’ which are getting increasingly louder and persistent
  • time to transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable, purposeful and fulfilling
  • time to recalibrate and reprioritise your own dreams and goals.
  • time to re-energise, revitalise, realign

Let's do this together

How this transformative experience works:

  • It is a structured 3 month programme of personal transformation  – a 1 to 1 coaching process which draws on my 15 years of expertise and experience of working with and providing solutions specifically for women in transition. It’s clear. It’s focused. It works.
  • Get a big picture overview of your retirement readiness & identify key areas of focus by completing your personalised Magic Map assessment.
  • We then meet for an hour on Zoom or over the phone each fortnight for six sessions of 1-1 coaching to 
        • develop an expanded vision of what’s possible
        • develop a clearer definition of your desired retirement lifestyle.
        • brainstorm options and ideas
        • identify strategies to address any challenges
        • create and implement a realistic and fulfilling plan.
  • Between sessions you’ll have access to me via email and private messaging.
  • I’ll be sharing exercises, techniques and resources with you to reinforce our discussions and challenge your thinking.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have crystal clear clarity about who you want to BE and what you need to DO in order for you to HAVE the life that matters to you. A life in which you get to reap the undoubted benefits of this dynamic life stage.

I can only work with a small number of clients at this personalised level and your investment for this transformative programme is just £650 or 3 monthly payments of £229



Life is short and very precious. Isn’t it time to start thinking about exactly HOW you want to spend your time & energy in the years ahead?
Isn’t it time to define & shape the future you wish to create?

Your first step is to simply register your interest either by emailing me here or alternatively, by booking a Virtual Coffee where we can have a preliminary, obligation-free chat.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you!


I’d recommend Karen anyone looking for a coach who combines professionalism with warmth and kindness – working with her has been a great experience all round. Karen has such a lot of experience and techniques at her fingertips which means she’s able to offer a totally unique, personal service.


I would highly recommend Karen to anyone, who is stuck and doesn’t know where they are going, spending time with her is an opportunity re-evaluate and have the life you deserve.
I’ve just read Cosmic Ordering and for anyone who’s interested in reading it, if you come to the chapter on human guardian angels, Karen is a really good example of one, a thoughtful person with no other interest but for you to learn to love and trust yourself and get in tune with your inner strength.


I am really pleased that I chose to work with you; I couldn’t have chosen anyone better. You’ve really inspired me to go out & make a difference, thank you.


Not quite ready to make a 3 month commitment?
If you feel you’d like to dip your toe in the water first, please take a look at the Prime Time Review