Ever wish you could have some expert guidance to help Kickstart Your Retirement?

Here’s Your Chance!

The Retirement Breakthrough Audit is for you if...

You find yourself well and truly stuck in an unproductive, frustrating limbo:

  • Mithering about what’s next: Where to even begin?
  • Procrastinating BIG time: Decisions get tossed onto the “later” pile, creating a growing avalanche of future stress.
  • Spinning your wheels: You research, you read, but nothing seems to change.
  • Reactive rather than proactive: Making random choices rather than taking planned, intentional action.

Sounds familiar?

Well, fear not, this is just what you need!
The Retirement Breakthrough Audit is your ticket out of overwhelm and into action.
Designed specifically to help you get started and take the first steps toward a more intentional retirement, together with valuable guidance from an experienced coach at a price that won’t break the bank – only £48.

This audit combines three powerful elements:

  1. It’s designed to be quick and impactful because as we know, time is a precious commodity.
  2. It puts you in control. By taking action and initiating the process, you create the momentum to unlock further progress. 
  3. It’s collaborative – think of it as a joint brainstorming session where we work together as a team. You share your thoughts and vision, and I provide guidance to help you turn it into reality.

It's a two-step process


You will be brought to a  questionnaire to fill in so I can get the full picture of what you are experiencing and want help with.  Answer a few key questions to help me understand what’s going on for you right now.

Submit your answers and you’re done!


I’ll personally review your audit answers and provide guidance and feedback via a video (typically around 30 mins) to help you overcome challenges and move forward with your retirement dreams.

Expect my video review within 3 to 4 days.


A Retirement Breakthrough Audit will help you to...

  • Gain momentum: Once you start, you’ll set vital things in motion. Small steps lead to big changes and create a sense of progress.
  • Achieve clarity: Understanding your current situation and knowing exactly where you are is the vital first step to deciding where you want to go.
  • Become proactive: Start getting intentional about what you want for next chapter.
  • Overcome analysis paralysis: Move out of crippling indecision and take control of your future. 
  • Build confidence: Feel motivated, energized and excited about your future.
  • Find a path forward: Set clear, meaningful intentions for this next chapter.

Ready to partner up?

As a coach for nearly two decades, I’ve witnessed the magic of taking the first step time and time again. It’s like the first domino falling, setting everything in motion.

But staring down a big life transition like retirement can feel daunting, scary, and downright overwhelming. That’s where I come in.

Coaching is a powerful collaboration. That’s why I created this affordable audit (£48) to break down financial barriers and make my support readily available. It’s your chance to unlock the benefits of professional coaching and personal guidance, all at a price that fits your budget.

What others say about Karen


“I felt calmed down minute by minute and left with my overwhelm transformed into a clear plan. Such a blessed relief! Thanks Karen.”
Priya T

“Working with Karen has made me sit down and really think about the next part of my life and what I WANT from it. It has made me clarify my thoughts and importantly, stop thinking and start doing something about it!”
Sarah M

“So… thank you, thank you! I feel much clearer, calmer, happier and generally better prepared for all that’s coming up. Replacing the worry with the clarity and focus you brought has made all the difference.”
Mary M

Here's a reminder of what you get with the Retirement Breakthrough Audit

  • Quick and Easy: No lengthy questionnaires –  the audit uses a short series of focused questions to quickly highlight your current retirement goals and any challenges.
  • Personalised Insights: Once I have your answers, I’ll create a custom video report just for YOUThis video will walk you through specific strategies and actionable insights to help you achieve your retirement breakthrough.

  • Fast Results: You’ll receive your custom video within 3-4 days, so you can start putting the insights and advice into action right away!

  • This goes beyond a typical audit – it’s a collaborative effort. Together, we create a synergy to help you start making wholehearted, confident decisions for the way ahead.