So what EXACTLY is the Third Age? 

Well, it’s a relatively new term invented to describe a relatively new life stage! 

It’s not a fixed period that begins on a particular birthday but instead describes the time of life that comes after full time family and career commitments and where we’ve still got health and vitality to enjoy life, with potentially another couple of decades or so ahead of us!

Some use it as a shorthand for being retired… but retirement is no longer a one-size-fits-all concept! So perhaps it’s best to describe it as a fluid and ever-evolving definition!

What it IS, is one great BIG opportunity!

Quite literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity:

  • to reinvent yourself and how you choose to live your life
  • to piece things together in a way that is personally meaningful, not slotting in to prescribed options
  • to explore and embrace a new phase in life with all its opportunities
  • to define this new chapter for yourself and create a future that fits… YOU! 
  • to swap ‘retirement’ for reinvention
  • to unlock your potential, unleash your life force and create a dynamic, fulfilling and happy next chapter.