Want to design a ‘retirement’ plan that rocks?

Welcome to the start of a dynamic new chapter... your Third Age!

zestful post menopausal woman

It’s been a long time coming but you made it! And now, here you are, on the brink of a new chapter… a chapter that promises you so much MORE – your Third Age!

More possibility, choice and freedom…. more purpose, meaning and fulfilment.

Because for the first time in probably a LONG while, an expansive new space is opening up for you – a space with a new energy ready and waiting for you to step into…. a ‘now or never’ opportunity to create something meaningful and special on your own terms.

You can FEEL new opportunities beckoning.

So whether you define it as retirement, semi-retirement – or you doggedly refuse to use ‘the R word’  at all – Prime Time Possibilities, as the name suggests, is all about helping you look at your Third Age through the prism of possibility. Because THAT’S how we become inspired, motivated and empowered.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this IS a significant life transition BUT it is also a powerful impetus for change, growth and reinvention – a precious chance to take ownership of what really matters to you – your needs, your dreams and your priorities for ‘what’s next’.

The old definitions of this time are woefully out of step with current reality and today’s inspirational generation of Third Age women are hell bent on giving it a long overdue update!

What EXACTLY is our Third Age?

Well, it’s a relatively new term invented to describe a relatively new life stage! 

It’s not a fixed period that begins on a particular birthday but instead describes the time of life that comes after full time family and career commitments and where we’ve still got health and vitality to enjoy life, with potentially another couple of decades or so ahead of us!

Some use it as a shorthand for being retired… but retirement is no longer a one-size-fits-all concept! So perhaps it’s best to describe it as a fluid and ever-evolving definition!

What it IS, is one great BIG opportunity!

Quite literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity to:

  • explore and embrace a new phase in life with all its possibilities
  • define this new chapter for yourself and create a future that fits… YOU! 
  • use ‘retirement’ as a catalyst for reinvention
  • unlock your potential, unleash your life force and create a dynamic, fulfilling and happy next chapter
  • piece things together in a way that is personally meaningful in your own inspiring Third Age plan

You may be toying with the idea of staring a new enterprise, learning a new skill, volunteering, mentoring…. the possibilities are endless!  So if your next evolution is calling, I’m absolutely delighted you’ve found your way here!


It's really good to meet you!

I’m Karen Knott, a personal development coach with over 15 year’s experience of working exclusively with this generation of women AND I’m on a mission to smash the stereotypes about what we can and can’t do in our 50’s, 60’s and beyond! 

I believe our Third Age is most definitely our ‘prime time’ and an opportunity to be embraced and celebrated but I do know how incredibly exasperating it can be to have all this potential and zest coursing through your veins and not know what to DO with it!

The French have a saying: “Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait” – which, roughly translated, means “If only the young knew what life was all about, if only the old could put this knowledge into action”.

Well, our Third Age is THE time when we have both the life experience AND the opportunity to use it…. a unique life stage where we really DO have the best of all worlds!

It’s my joy and privilege to help you proactively explore this wonderful opportunity and create something personally fulfilling and meaningful for this very special time of your life.

If you’ve arrived here with this dream in your heart, welcome, you’re in EXACTLY the right place.

Life is short and very precious.
Isn’t it time to start thinking about exactly HOW you want to spend your time & energy in the years ahead?
Isn’t it time to define & shape the future you wish to create?


It's time...

  • Time to usher in a new era of personal renewal.
  • Time to debunk the outmoded myths and stereotypes that no longer apply.
  • Time to get intentional and take ownership of what REALLY matters to you.
  • Time to think about what you’d like the rest of your life to look like.
  • Time to make the very most of this very special opportunity.
  • Time to step into your power.