Want to create a plan for your Third Age that's personally fulfilling and meaningful?

Of course you do! 

In which case IT’S TIME… time to get intentional about shaping your future! Time to kickstart the whole process. 

The question I’m most often asked is, “Where do I even start?” Well, the answer to that is easy – the only place you CAN start is where you are right now. You need to know where you ARE before you can even think about where you’re going!

And that’s exactly what the Magic Map shows you.

The Magic Map Process…

  • 5 minute questionnaire
    18 questions exploring the 6 key elements proven to be essential for a happy, healthy and fulfilling Third Age. Getting the right mix of these 6 is hugely important.
  • Visual map
    Your questionnaire responses are turned into your very own ‘Magic Map’ to help you see your Third Age readiness from a fresh new perspective AND get you thinking about how you really want to be spending your time & energy.
  • Personalised report
    An invigorating shot of clarity, focus and direction to help you start making wholehearted, confident decisions, ready to create your next chapter with optimism and purpose. 

“Thank you so much for this. It’s really helpful and, as with all good awareness tools, has given me the clarity of a big “doh!” moment.” M.M.

” I would highly recommend this to anyone who is at a crossroads or generally feeling stuck.” J.T.”