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Helping you make your Third Age the best yet

” Coaching is my passion.
I love its simplicity and its power to connect us to our ‘spark’, our inspiration and our inner wisdom.
But above all, I love its power to motivate and galvanise us into action.”

My name’s Karen Knott and I’m a fully qualified teacher and personal development coach for women intent on rocking their retirement!

I believe our Third Age is our ‘prime time’… a time of HUGE potential, possibility and opportunity and I’m on a mission to change the stereotypes about what we can and can’t do in our 50’s, 60’s and beyond! 

It’s a transitional life stage that’s every bit as dynamic (and often just as turbulent!) as adolescence and yet, up to now there has been comparatively little information, inspiration or support available that gets to the heart of the opportunities and challenges this life stage presents to women.

And so, Prime Time Possibilities was created! 

Actually, it’s been more of an ongoing EVOLUTION. I’ve worked with this generation for over 15 years and as they (and I) have evolved, so too has my coaching focus. I now have the joy and privilege of working with one of THE most dynamic demographics on the planet – post menopausal women!

My emphasis is very much on reinvention and realignment rather than ‘retirement’ because our dreams and desires at this time can become an enormously powerful catalyst for creation, whether that be starting an enterprise of your own, volunteering, mentoring, campaigning, writing a book – you name it, you CAN do it.

How I can help

Your Third Age is about SO much more than simply figuring out “what’s next?”

It’s an identity transition: “Who am I, now that I’m no longer a teacher… a therapist… a doctor?” 

And I know how challenging this can be.

But what if, you thought of it as an invitation – an invitation to explore… to discover who you are and what gives you joy. An invitation to realign and reconnect to the things that are deeply important to you.

Prime Time Possibilities uses the six key elements proven to be essential for a healthy, happy and fulfilling Third Age, as a framework for your exploration.

It’s an integrated, holistic approach to help you realign who you ARE now with what you really WANT now so you can make wholehearted, confident decisions for the way ahead. 

We are lucky to have choices and opportunities denied to previous generations of older women; I think we owe it to them and ourselves to make the very most of them.  

Thanks for taking the time to ‘meet’ me and I’d like to leave you with the question which catapulted me into action and which might help you do the same:

“If not now, when?”

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Did you know that your unique, personal story is a VERY powerful thing?

It can completely transform your perception of yourself, your past and your life and – this is the exciting bit – it can help you create new plotlines for the next chapter in this adventure called LIFE!

Like I said, powerful!

We are incredibly fortunate to be healthier, richer and better educated than ANY previous generation – and we have absolutely no intention of dishonouring this privilege by fading quietly into invisibility and obscurity.

The energy, wisdom, potential and experience we have coursing through our veins is needed now more than ever and we have far too much to offer to be consigned to invisibility!

Do you ever get that gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of the stomach… a mixture of panic and regret, combined with the fear that time and opportunities are running out?

Well, what if you could turn those unsettling ‘woulda-coulda-shoulda’ thoughts into a force for positive change?