Coaching Corner

Welcome to Coaching Corner, a series of short “mini-podcasts” sharing insights and strategies for creating a fulfilling, joyful retirement.

We all know that retirement can be a big adjustment, which is why coaching is such an important tool to help you navigate this new phase of life. Our episodes go beyond just listening and feature thought-provoking questions, actionable tips, and exercises that are designed to guide you towards a retirement that is filled with greater confidence, clarity, and purpose.

So why not come along with me as we explore what it takes to thrive in retirement and make the most of your Third Age?

Have a listen!

Using Your Emotions to Help Shape Your Retirement

In this episode of Coaching Corner, we delve into the often overlooked but HUGELY important aspect of retirement: your feelings!

Listen in to discover the importance of emotional awareness and how feelings can be valuable messengers, guiding you towards a retirement lifestyle that truly resonates with you.  

The Difference Between Change and Transition

Retirement can be one of THE most significant transitions we’ll face as we get older…. and we all find our way through it with varying degrees of success!

Join me in this episode of Coaching Corner and I’ll introduce you to a simple transition model to help guide you through the change.

Sweet Dreams

In this episode of Coaching Corner, the focus is on your dreams and aspirations for the future.

Your dreams can be a hugely powerful catalyst for change and growth but how do you bridge the gap between dreaming the dream and living the dream?

The episode includes an exercise called A Perfect 10 which you can download here. 

Your Story

You have a unique story to tell – we ALL do – but did you realise that your personal story holds the key to your next chapter?

In this episode of Coaching Corner I share how exploring your story can help you successfully  connect your past, present, and future into a compelling whole.

You can find the blog post mentioned in this episode here.