Burying Your Head in the Sand is Not a Viable Retirement Strategy

Burying your head in the sand is not a viable retirement strategy!

Over the past few days, I’ve had two in-depth conversations about retirement, with two very different women. What amazed me was the striking similarity of their feelings and the way they used almost identical words to express themselves! Both were still working, contemplating retirement, and grappling with uncertainty about their post-retirement lives.

I think it’s fair to say that they were both feeling ‘decidedly discombobulated’ about the whole retirement thing!

And what’s more, both had recently pushed back their retirement date for the same reason.


Because they had NO IDEA what their lives would look like or what they would DO once they retired and because that thought was so overwhelming, they chose instead to kick the decision into the long grass for a few more months.

Both expressed their feelings in very similar ways:

  • I don’t feel ready to call myself ‘retired’!
  • I’ve got the financial side sorted – it’s the rest of it I’m struggling with.
  • What the hell am I going to DO with all this TIME?

Retirement jitters are something we all encounter along the way. While each person’s situation is unique, the feelings shared are surprisingly similar. I hope that if you are experiencing something similar right now, the following insights will be of help to you.

Acknowledge retirement as a major life transition

First off, retirement IS a big deal – which is why it feels like a big deal! It’s a whole new chapter in life, and it’s natural to be a bit bewildered and discombobulated by all the changes and uncertainties that come with it.

It’s a huge transition; as with any life transition, it can be challenging. Recognising its impact on your identity and sense of purpose is important as you grapple with questions like “Who am I now?” and “What’s my purpose without a professional role?”  

And when there are no immediate or obvious answers it’s often easier to push them away and retreat back to the comfort of the status quo.

The trouble is, this strategy is not a solution – it’s simply delaying the inevitable. Further down the line, those nagging questions will still be staring you in the face, only now they’ll feel even more pressing as time marches on.  And THAT is no place from which to make important life decisions.

So what’s to be done?

Don't shy away from retirement's uncertainties

Whether it’s today or a year from now, those questions and uncertainties will keep knocking on your door, demanding answers, which is why so many people end up spending their first few years of retirement still grappling with this reality, still trying to figure things out.

So many of the women I talk with have no clue about what they want their retirement to look like or how they want to spend their precious time. 

Yet when I ask them what they think they need to do to ensure they’re not in the same place this time next year, they all know the answer – develop a clearer vision of their desired retirement lifestyle.

Clarity is always the key piece of the puzzle

Once you figure out what you want and where you’re heading, all those retirement uncertainties become much easier to handle. Knowing what truly matters to you gives you a sense of purpose and direction.  Once you’ve got a clear vision you’ll feel confident and ready to make intentional decisions and create the life that’s calling you.

The retirement transition is not a quick fix, but you can do things to help the process along and turn the roadblocks into stepping stones. So, how about taking a proactive approach instead of burying your head in the sand and dodging retirement decisions?

Practical, proactive steps to move you forward

The big question is… HOW? 

Well, one of the simplest and most effective steps you can take is to start writing!

Simply putting put pen to paper creates a tangible connection between your inner thoughts and the outer world and allows you to step into the role of both the thinker and the observer. You can pour out your uncertainties, dreams, and questions onto the page, creating a space for introspection and self-reflection. Seeing your thoughts transformed into words can offer you new perspectives, helping you view your feelings and ideas from a fresh angle.

Whether it’s jotting down your retirement goals, scribbling away your fears, or meticulously outlining your dreams, writing it all down carries a cathartic, enlightening, and revelatory power. It’s an indispensable tool that serves as a steadfast companion on your journey of self-reflection. With its help, you can unearth hidden insights, and ultimately navigate your path with a greater sense of intention. 

So, grab your trusty journal and let the pen flow!

And to kickstart this transformative process, why not begin with my complimentary download called the Dream Catcher? It’s a simple yet effective planning sheet designed to ignite your thoughts and set the wheels in motion.  

Embrace the reality and take control of your future

As you dive into this self-discovery adventure, don’t forget to embrace the value of open conversations. Seek guidance and insights from mentors, friends, or professionals – their perspectives can offer invaluable clarity. Additionally, consider diving into a one-on-one Retirement Springboard session. Tailored just for you, it’s a chance to distill your goals and aspirations into a visual and tangible roadmap.

When it comes to retirement, burying our heads in the sand won’t make it disappear. It’s a reality we all have to face sooner or later. No matter how much we procrastinate, it won’t change the fact that one day, we will need to step away from our careers and embark on a new chapter in life. 

When we accept it, we can prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, and financially for this life transition and make intentional choices and decisions that lead to the retirement we want.

So I urge you to embrace the journey ahead, knowing that facing it head-on will lead to a more fulfilling and gratifying retirement down the road. Remember, the sooner you start designing a retirement that aligns with your values and aspirations, the sooner you’ll get to live it!  Get in the driving seat, make informed choices, and step into this new chapter with clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Have you got a case of the retirement jitters

Have you got a case of the retirement jitters?

Ah, retirement… that long-awaited golden age of relaxation, where you can finally kick back, pursue your passions and enjoy the sweet rewards of your hard work.

At least that’s the theory!

However in reality, as retirement approaches, you might start to notice a nagging feeling creeping in – a weird mix of excitement and anticipation combined with a decidedly uncomfortable shot of anxiety – a palpable sensation in the pit of your stomach best described as ‘the retirement jitters’!

Retirement Jitters are extremely common. In fact, I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t experienced them to some degree or another as they’re pretty hard to ignore. They can make you worry about your finances, question your sense of purpose, fret about the future and obsess over the state of your health. 

It’s enough to put a serious damper on that whole ‘golden age of relaxation’ thing!

So, in this blog we’re going to dive deeper to better understand these jitters. We’ll unpack why they happen, how to spot the signs, and most importantly, how to tackle them head-on, so you can step confidently into your post-work life, ready to embrace the next chapter with a smile on your face!

First off, it’s important to reiterate that everyone experiences varying feelings of anxiety about stepping into retirement so you’re most certainly not alone! Retirement IS a big deal, and it’s completely normal and understandable to have mixed emotions about what’s ahead.

Retirement brings a LOT of changes and where there’s change there’s always an element of uncertainty and anxiety about what’s ahead. Of course, we’re all different and the main signs of retirement jitters vary from person to person, but here are some common indicators to look out for:

  • Indecisiveness: Feelings of overwhelm keep you stuck in procrastination and unable to make choices and decisions  for fear of making the wrong ones.
  • Loss of Purpose: A sense of aimlessness, emptiness or lack of direction as you struggle to define a new sense of purpose and meaning in retirement. 
  • Social Withdrawal: You may become more isolated, leading to feelings of loneliness and a sense of disconnection from others.
  • Increased Self-Doubt: You may question your abilities, skills, or worthiness in pursuing new endeavors or engaging in activities you once enjoyed, hindering your willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities.
  • General Fretfulness: This can range from worries about financial stability to concerns about health, purpose, or maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle, creating a general sense of unease and anxiety.

Recognising and acknowledging your jitters is the first step in addressing and navigating them. 

You may exhibit a combination of signs or other unique indicators. The key is to pay attention to any significant changes in your emotions, thoughts, or behaviours as you approach retirement. And again, cut yourself some slack and remember that this is a significant life transition and ANY significant life transition triggers its own set of jitters.

So take a deep breath and know that there are steps you can take to ease those worries because believe it or not, those anxieties you’re feeling about retirement can actually serve as valuable signposts pointing you in the right direction.

Your retirement anxieties are like little messengers, whispering important insights about your hopes, fears, and desires.

Think of them as opportunities for self-reflection and growth and USE your anxieties as a catalyst for exploring what truly matters to you in this next phase of life. 

Take a closer look at the specific concerns that are causing the most unease and use them as clues to guide your actions. For example, if you’re worried about feeling lost and aimless without work, it might well be a sign that finding meaningful new activities or engaging in volunteer work could be a path worth exploring.

If financial worries are keeping you up at night, it could be an indication to seek professional advice, educate yourself, and take concrete steps to ensure your financial stability.

Perhaps the worry about losing your existing social connections signifies your craving for meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging. Look for ways to build new social connections and explore new hobbies or interests. Take that painting class you’ve always wanted to try or join a local community group. Where can you find like-minded people that can help you fill that void and make new friendships?

Your jitters are telling you that this transition IS important to you and that you care deeply about how it unfolds. Pay attention to those anxious thoughts and feelings, for they hold clues about what truly matters to you. 

Embrace the discomfort and uncertainty as signs that you’re stepping outside your comfort zone and embarking on a new chapter filled with new possibilities. Be patient with yourself as you adjust to this new chapter in life and don’t hesitate to lean on your friends, family, or use the services of a professional retirement coach who can provide the support and guidance you need. 

Remember, retirement is a journey and a process, not an event or an instant ‘fix’ and there’s no need to figure it all out right away. 

When you transform the energy of your jitters into stepping stones and channel them into intentional actions, you can create a retirement that is vibrant, fulfilling, and fully aligned with who you want to be.

You’ve got this!

Ditch the overwhelm and ignite your retirement spark!

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Navigating the Unknown: Crafting a Vision for an Extraordinary Retirement

Navigating the Unknown: Crafting a Vision for an Extraordinary Retirement

Welcome to one of THE most momentous crossroads in life where past accomplishments intersect with limitless new possibilities – a time filled with both excitement and more than a hint of uncertainty! Yes, I’m talking about retirement!


It’s a pivotal time that calls for clarity, purpose and direction in order to chart a course into this next chapter of life…. but where on earth do you find these elusive treasures? 


Enter the transformative power of visioning!

Using your vision to create your roadmap

Now, I understand that the notion of ‘visioning’ may seem a bit of an airy fairy concept to some, so in this blog I want to assure you that creating a vision for your retirement is in fact far from airy fairy – it’s a pragmatic, practical and empowering approach to planning for the future.


Your vision becomes a roadmap—a tangible guide that helps you make informed decisions, set meaningful goals and take purposeful actions. It can bring real clarity and focus to your aspirations, allowing you to design a retirement that aligns with your deepest values and brings you genuine, authentic fulfilment.


And isn’t that what we ALL long for in our Third Age?

But what happens when you neglect to create a clear vision?

Well, without a clear vision:


  • You can find yourself adrift in a vast sea of possibilities, sailing without a compass
  • You wander around aimlessly, unsure of which steps to take or choices to make
  • You find yourself in the clutches of the ‘procrastination monster,’ where time slips away unnoticed as you get caught up in the never-ending busyness of the present
  • Your attention becomes scattered, you get lost in a maze of distractions and struggle to channel your energy towards what truly matters.
no vision

Not a place anyone wants to find themself in but one in which many DO find themselves as they enter their retirement! So, let’s dive in and explore how you can bring your retirement dreams to life in ways you never thought possible.

Keep an open mind.

I understand that the concept of envisioning your future may feel foreign or even uncomfortable. But what if you suspended your judgment for just a moment and allowed yourself to explore the possibilities? Embrace the potential for something greater and give your imagination free rein. You might well be surprised by the exciting ideas that surface.


Start small but dream big.

Begin by envisioning the small aspects of your retirement—the moments, the activities, the experiences that bring you joy. As you gain confidence, allow your vision to grow and expand and fuel your dreams.


Picture the perks.

Take a moment to really think about the benefits of having a crystal-clear retirement vision. Imagine having a roadmap that guides your decisions, motivates you on the tough days and helps you live life to the fullest. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? So why not give it a chance and see what magic unfolds?

Get inspired.

Don’t walk this journey alone. Seek inspiration from others who have embraced visioning and have already made their dreams a reality. Read success stories, chat with folks who have been there, done that, and let their experiences fire your imagination. Seeing what’s possible will soon zap away any lingering doubts.


Take it one step at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so just take small steps to get the ball rolling. Set aside some time to brainstorm, jot down ideas or create a vision board that gets your heart pumping. Break it down into bite-sized chunks and celebrate each mini-milestone you achieve.


Go with the flow.

Growth and change goes hand and hand with uncertainty but remember, your vision isn’t set in stone! Life comes with all sorts of crazy surprises so embrace the fact that things can change, shift and evolve along the way. Stay open to new opportunities that pop up out of nowhere, be ready to take unexpected detours that add some spice to your journey. Keep that vision of yours flexible and let it grow with you because that’s where the real magic happens.


So my friends, I encourage you to let go of your reservations and dive headfirst into the world of visioning. And if you’re still hesitant, let me remind you that every journey starts with a single step, so begin by simply taking a moment to reflect on what truly matters to you. 


Ask yourself:


  • What brings me joy and fulfilment?
  • What are my passions and interests?
  • How do I want to make a difference?
  • What legacy do I want to leave behind?
  • What experiences do I crave?
  • How do I want to contribute to the world?

The key is to take that first step, no matter how small it may seem. So I invite you to sign up for the Dream Catcher to kickstart the visioning process and start designing a retirement that is uniquely yours. Let it guide you, inspire you, and keep you moving forward with unwavering determination.


Your retirement awaits – it’s time to shape your future and make it extraordinary.

Ditch the overwhelm and ignite your retirement spark!

download the dream catcher: a simple, effective, 15 minute process to kickstart your next chapter
  • move out of overwhelm fast by creating something simple, tangible and clear
  • galvanise your motivation and energy… and get the ball rolling
  • focus your attention on how you want to spend your time and energy in the years ahead
  • open the door to what’s next and start creating a future by design